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Action Wipes
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Detailed Description

Use Action Wipes when you don't have the time or the facilities to shower.
The single packs are convenient to carry in anything to take anywhere! 9"x10" in a 3"x5" pack.
They have a mild sudsing action that doesn't require rinsing, so you're doing more than just wiping a scent on your skin, you're actually cleaning it! Quick to dry, it leaves your skin touchable and soft - not sticky.
Action Wipes are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic, so they're good for cleaning cuts, scrapes and road-rash. The gentle formula is safe for your face, sensitive skin, kids, pets and our planet too.
Action Wipes can actually withstand several machine washings and drying, so you can repurpose them for other uses - such as washing your dishes when you're out camping or cleaning your equipment.

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