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Ambu Perfit Extrication Collar
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One-Piece Rigid Cervical Spine Immobilization Device.
The Ambu Perfit extrication collar is designed to assist with the maintenance of neutral alignment, prevention of lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the cervical spine during transport and routine patient care or movement.

The Ambu Perfit collar is a one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilization device available in 4 standard adult and 2 standard pediatric sizes.
The Ambu Perfit comes with a flip chin piece for flat storage and pre-shape to fit the chin, and to facilitate intubation and removal of vomitus from the patient's mouth.

The Ambu Perfit is CT and MRI compatible, and comes with a ventilated posterior shell for fluid drainage.

The Ambu Perfit comes with a comprehensive sizing system for easy and accurate sizing.

The Ambu Perfit shell material is made of polyethylene.

Available in 4 standard adult sizes (3-6) and 2 standard pediatric sizes (1-2).

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