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BMS Nano Rack
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Detailed Description

Personal Escape Descenders
The BMS Nano Racks were designed for personal lowering and escape systems employing 7.9 to 10mm personal escape lines. Once properly rigged to the line, the Nano Rack cannot become detached from the line. This eliminates the possibility of accidental derigging. The movable bars make line feeding easy, an advantage when establishing an anchor at a distance from the exit point. They also act as a self compensating mechanism which equalizes brake force with body weight, the greater the load the more friction generated by the rack.

Dimensions: 6"l x 2"w x 3/4"d
Frame Strength: 14,000 lbs. plus
Stainless steel construction for high abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance
For 9-10mm Line

Meets NPFA 1983 (95 ed) "P" Spec. for descent control devices

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