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Cadaver Dog Handbook
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Cadaver Dog Handbook sets out the principles and procedures for the training and handling of dogs for the location of human remains. It explains scent theory and its applications, introduces basic training and searching strategies/tactics, and covers the legal and taphonomic issues associated with dog searches. This book adopts an interdisciplinary approach, which renders the text useful to virtually all participants in the search for and the evaluation of human remains. Cadaver Dog Handbook is organized for quick reference. If you are primarily interested in training and handling, you will find abundant information devoted to those subjects. Even more, the book provides a wealth of materials that allows you to expand your expertise to other aspects of the forensic framework, such as for scene investigation, chain of custody protocol, documentation, expert testimony, and the legal issues regarding the use of dogs for searches. The text also covers the use of technical location devices, mapping aids, remote sensing techniques, water searches, and decomposition processes and their variations.

Authors: A. Rebmann, E. David, M.H. Sorg
(Hardbound), 209 pages, published by CRC Press


- Covers training, handling, and utilization of dogs trained to find human decomposition scent

- Analyzes environmental contexts where dogs are used to search for human remains, including surface, burial, and underwater sites. Explains principles of forensic science in relation to dog use. Discusses dog and handier as part of the forensic search team. Includes legal and professional issues