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Omega Pacific
Link Cams
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With a camming ratio of over 2.5:1, there’s nothing close to the Link Cam on the market today. The Link Cam #1, for instance, covers the same range as up to four other cams!

With a constant cam angle of 13.5°, achieve a range without sacrificing holding power.

With the increased surface contact between the retracted cam links and the rock, Link Cams tend to “walk” less than other units.

The unique range eliminates the need for specialized, “offset cams” for flared-crack protection.

The range of Link Cams provides a greater margin of safety for “plug and go” placements.

Minimize the time spent fooling with gear—Link Cams are a perfect fit!

For Big Wall speed ascents, attach Link Cams to aiders and see how much time you trim!

CE/UIAA certified and made in the USA