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Lost Person Behaviour
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Lost Person Behaviour by Dr Kenneth Hill
A collection of seminal research on lost person behavior, including William Syrotuck, Dennis Kelley, Ken Hill, Donald Heth, Ed Cornell, and Robert Koester, this book brings together landmark papers that provide search managers with the background on behavior and statistics on the most common types of lost persons (Alzheimer's, children, hikers, and hunters).
  • Psychology of Lost - Hill
  • Analysis of Lost Person Behavior (excerpt) - Syrotuck
  • The Victim - Kelley
  • Report of a Missing Child - Cornell and Heth
  • Categories of Lost Persons - Hill
  • Distance Traveled During Urban and Suburban Walks led by 3-13 Year-Olds - Cornell and Heth
  • Behavioral Profile of Wandering Alzheimer's Patients - Koester and Stooksbury
  • The Elderly Hunter - Hill
ISBN- 0-660-179471-5
Softcover 8.5x11 inch perfect bound, inside B&W 90 pages