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SAM Medical
SAM Splint
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Detailed Description

The SAM® Splint is a flexible 4.25"x 36" sandwich of soft aluminum and closed cell polyethylene foam that, when folded in specific ways, creates a rigid yet comfortable structure that can be used to support and immobilize injuries and fractures of the extremities and neck.

With many uses in addition to its primary use as a splint, it has truly become a mainstay of the emergency medical field. The SAM® Splint can be rolled up easily to the size of an "ACE" wrap and with proper care and cleaning, can be used over and over again.

The SAM® Splint is used throughout the world in emergency and traditional medical treatment facilities, emergency medical kits, first aid kits, mountaineering and expeditionary emergency supplies, by fire departments paramedics and many others. In fact, anywhere where the possibility of sprain or fracture exists, you will or, at least, should see SAM® Splint. It has been in use by our military forces for sometime as well as forces of many other nations. It was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm. SAM Splint®, Use for Sprains, Dislocations & Broken Bones.