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SMC SM151000
SMC/RA 3'' Single, Oilite
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Detailed Description

A great mid-sized stainless steel pulley that delivers great performance at a value especially when your particular application calls for a larger rope and corresponding tread diameter but you don't want the bulk of a 4'' pulley. Rotating sideplates facilitate the placement of pulley at any point along the rope system. Oversized hole allows the use of multiple carabiners with a single pulley and allow closed/locked pulleys to be completely rotated while still connected to the system. Uses a ''true Oilite bearing'' not a cheaper plain bronze bearing. Axle nuts are double-locked and marked with a witness line to help check against any loosening. Another in the series of time-tested SMC/Russ Anderson design pulleys.

Weight: 16 oz (454g)
Dimensions: 6.6'' x 3.63'' x 1.52'' - Sheave 3'' x 5/8''
Material: Stainless steel sideplates, aluminum sheave, Oilite bearing
Strength: 11,465 lbf - 51kN (3 Sigma)
Specifications: NFPA 1983 (2012) G