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SMC PMI152505N
SMC/RA 4'' Single, Ball Bearing - NFPA
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Detailed Description

One of the original Russ Anderson designs, this pulley features stainless steel sideplates, heat-treated aluminum sheaves, steel axles, and ball bearings a combination that is durable, trouble free and very strong...everything you need for critical rescue applications. The sideplates rotate freely allowing the pulley to be attached or removed from the rope system at any point and will accept multiple carabiners. Axle nuts are double-locked and marked with a witness line to help check against any loosening.

Weight: 23 oz (652g)
Dimension: 7.7'' x 4.63'' x 1.52'' - Sheave 4'' x 5/8''
Material: Stainless steel sideplates, aluminum sheave, ball bearings
Strength: 8,543 lbf - 38kN (3 Sigma)
Specifications: NFPA ''G'' - General Use 36kN

All SMC NFPA products are third party tested (by Underwriters Laboratories - UL) as required by NFPA 1983 (2006 edition) standards.

All SMC NFPA pulleys have the required certification information stamped on the side plate and the user information is enclosed with each item as required by NFPA.

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