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SolarBag Purifier
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Detailed Description

SolarBag water purification advanced nanotechnology

Fill a SolarBag with 3.5 liters of fresh water from any source through its included pre-filter. Then place the SolarBag in direct sunlight or in any area open to the sky. The water is purified in 2-3 hours on a sunny day or 4-6 hours on a cloudy day or if the source water is tea-colored. An indicator tells you when the water is ready. Drink the safe, purified water. With simple instructions and no moving parts.

Sunlight activates a nanotechnology-coated mesh inside the SolarBag that purifies water on a molecular level, breaking down contaminants into elements and basic molecules like water and carbon dioxide. The mesh destroys organic contaminants and eliminates pathogens rather than merely trapping and concentrating them. Heavy metals are also removed.

The SolarBag requires no batteries or electricity and uses no additional chemicals during the purification process. One SolarBag can treat up to 10.5 liters per day, has no replaceable parts, and is reusable hundreds of times.

  • Exceeds highest water quality testing standards from WHO and the EPA
  • Eliminates Bacteria 99.9999%, Virus 99.99%, Protozoa 99.9%
  • Removes heavy metals, arsenic, lead, mercury
  • Destroys manmade chemicals, pesticides, petrochemicals
  • Reusable 100s of times
  • Fully recyclable, BPA-free bag
  • Ultra-lightweight (4 oz / 105 g)
  • No waste water or by-products
Total Height: 15.7″
Total Width: 9.65″
Bag Height: 14.4″
Weight: 4 oz (104 gm)
Capacity: .92 gallons (3.5 liters)
The SolarBag is not a desalination system

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