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Sylmar Dog Hi-Boots
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Sylmar's Hi-Boots for working dogs are ruggedly constructed of Cordura, three layers at foot wear points. Designed to stay on and highly adjustable. Eliminate wear and tear on paws from sharp stones, hot or cold surfaces, chemicals and debris that can do damage. Guard against burrs, foxtails. Prevent snow packing between the toes. Hook & loop (velcro) tighteners help keep boots on. Optional safety straps prevent loosing boots. Not to be used while swimming. 
Wash in warm water, air dry
Have your dog stand on a measuring tape, measure paw width at widest point.

Medium 1.5"-2.5"   Whippets, Vlzsla, Brittany
Large 2.5"-3"         Lad, Malamute, Shorthair, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Husky
Extra Large 3.5" and up.  Newfoundland, Wolfhound, Pyrenees