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Tablytes 90 Electrolyte Tablets
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Detailed Description

90 Balanced electrolyte tablets providing 9 major electrolytes.
Tablytes are balanced electrolyte tablets providing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus, sulfate, carbonate, and citrate. Tablytes are not a beverage or food add in like elete, pure electrolyte add in, but, rather, a tablet that should be taken with water. Best used before or after activity or as needed at home for electrolyte replacement and/or loading.
The electrolytes provided by Tablytes are essential for the following functions:

* energy metabolism
* heat tolerance
* proper muscle function
* hydration
* bone strength
* nerve conduction
* heart function
* enzyme activation
* protein metabolism
* endurance

These electrolytes also help prevent muscle cramps, conduct energy, regulate pH, control fluid balance, transport nutrients and help convert calories into active energy. Whenever the body loses or expends fluids, the body also loses critical electrolytes. Tablytes provide an easy way to replace the full balance of electrolytes. Tablytes are great for electrolyte loading and replenishment either before or after activity. Because Tablytes are designed for rapid digestion and absorption, they are quite moisture-reactive and can disintegrate if left in contact with humidity. For this reason, it is best to consume Tablytes with plenty of fluids shortly after they are removed from the bottle and to re-seal the bottle lid tightly after each use. It is important to only consume one tablet at a time with at least 8 ounces of water, consuming no more than one tablet per half hour. Following these instructions, you can consume up to 12 tablets per day on an as-needed basis. Many people get best results from taking Tablytes at home for electrolyte loading and replacement and using eleteâ„¢ with all hydration during activity. Those using Tablytes on the job site to help prevent heat fatigue can leave the bottle in a central location with drinking water so that workers can easily replace electrolytes on an as-needed basis with appropriate hydration.