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SMC SM230100
TerrAdaptor Tripod System
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Detailed Description

The TerrAdaptor is the only portable high rescue anchor that is NFPA certified.
Multiple configurations of the TerrAdaptor™ Portable Anchor System can be built from various standard system components. The primary system revolves around the TerrAdaptor™ Tripod System. This system includes all of the necessary parts to assemble a standard symmetric tripod that provides the ability to reach a height of approximately10-feet. The system comes packaged in three compact packable bags to make it easy to “grab your bags and go” as well as store the System together in an organized manner. The individual component pieces included in the TerrAdaptor™ Tripod System are listed Below.

To transition your Tripod to a Quadpod System, you can purchase the TerrAdaptor™ Quadpod Attachment Kit. This kit provides the fourth leg and attachment pieces necessary to transition your tripod into a quadpod. The individual component pieces included in the TerrAdaptor™ Quadpod are listed below.

If your needs are fairly simple and a single gin pole is the best solution for your situation, you can purchase the TerrAdaptor™ Gin Pole Kit (Part number 230106). This kit includes a full leg kit to reach approximately 10 feet in height adjustability.  The individual component pieces for this kit are listed below.

For those who typically encounter environments that require more than 10 feet of height, additional leg extension pieces (appropriately 4 feet in length) can be individually purchased for this use. This piece can also be used to provide one extra long leg if a tall “lazy leg” configuration is desired.
Added shipping cost apply to all TerrAdaptor products.
TerrAdaptor™ Tripod System
  • TerrAdaptor™ Tripod Head
  • 2 Offset Leg Clamps with 3 Load Locking Pins each
  • Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins
  • Main Attachment Pin
  • 3 Legs Kits complete with Feet, Hobble Plates & Baskets
  • 3 Rope Hobble Sections
  • Cotter Pin Kit
  • 1 Extra Leg Coupling Pin and Load Locking Pin
  • 2 Lash Rings with 1 Coupling Pin each
  • TerrAdaptor™ Head/ Accessory Bag
  • 2 TerrAdaptor™ Leg Bags
  • TerrAdaptor™ User Guide

TerrAdaptor™ Quadpod Attachment Kit

  • Quadpod Head Attachment
  • Leg kit complete with Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket
  • Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each
  • Main Attachment Pin
  • Rope Hobble Section