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Coghlan's 0015
Tick Remover
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Detailed Description

Coghlan's Tick Remover (aka De-Ticker II by MACOR) utilizes the “gentle-turning method,” and follows Rules 1 and 2 precisely. It has very little in common with tick pullers and removes ticks easily, completely and consistently—even engorged or embedded ticks.

Rule #1: DO NOT remove ticks by pulling—using tweezers, fingernails, hemostats, forceps or even worse procedures.

- Barbs on the mouth-part (head) resist any pulling.

- Using force—regardless—will frequently tear off the mouth-part, leaving parts embedded.

- Use of force can cause a messy situation by rupturing the tick, particularly engorged ones.

- Parts of a tick left in the skin can cause infections and long-term effects requiring surgical removal.

Rule #2: Remove ticks by using the “gentle-turning method” only!

- The barbs on the mouth-part (head) of the head do not resist a turning motion.

- Gentle turning without pulling will cause the barbs to enlarge the opening in the skin.

- After a few gentle turns, the tick will slide out of the host—easily—completely and consistently.

- Note: Your wrist can only rotate half a turn, making the use of tweezers or fingers useless. Therefore, the use of a suitable device is necessary.

Directions for use:
Push button to open claws. Grab the tick firmly as close to the skin surface as possible. DO NOT PULL! Turn the entire device slowly several times in a counter-clockwise motion (as indicated by arrow on the device sleeve) until the tick lets go. This action will remove the tick easily and safely—head and all.

Dimensions are 12 mm (0.46 inches) diameter and 95 mm (3.75 inches) in length

Additional Information

Centers for Disease Control on Ticks and Lyme disease